Grupo VR

Group VR tiene en Venezuela y en México las siguientes compañias:

Nuestra Historia / Our History

Joaquin Avellan

Fernand Cival Rohe

In the 1930´s a Spain/French descendent arrived Venezuela to start a new life in the Americas. Joaquin Avellan was the founder of several companies, related to Industrial applications; Iron foundry, Cement industry, Industrial components distribution, etc. Upon his death, must of his companies were basically vanished.

In the mid 1950’s Fernand Cival Rohe a French engineer and entrepreneur married one of Avellan´s daughters, Irene Avellan an Architect, and years later, in association with with his brother-in-Law Tomas Avellan, they purchased the Industrial Equipment distribution company, named “Joaquin Avellan SucesoresCA”,  50% each.

This 2nd generation grew as group called Avellan-Cival, maintaining the tradition as distributors of industrial equipment and by the mid 60’s several companies were in operation, each one of them specialize in different market applications: Steam for industrial usage, Industrial Pneumatics (compress Air) and industrial cooling and the 1st Boiler manufacturing company in Venezuela was developed by the late 1960’s

Fernand Cival Rohe, had several non-profit interests. Was the founder and promoted the “Venezuelan-French Engineering association”, he taught engineering classes for over 30 years in the Central University of Venezuela, was also founder of the Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Chamber (Venacor

His long relationship with French colleges and the embassy of France in Venezuela leads him to be a technical and commercial ambassador between the French and Venezuelan government in the exchange of technical developments. In the early 70’s the French government, ask him to guide a group of French companies to present solutions of mass transportation, where France has extensive knowledge.

In the late 70’s he and a group of French companies are leading the development of the first Metro/Subway line in Venezuela and was recognized with the Legion of Honor in its 1st class by the French government as well as the medal of Honor in its 1st class by the Venezuelan Government.

1978, he decides to retire from the daily business and his 28 years old group of companies “Avellan Cival” to focus his attentions on other personal developments.

Early 1979, a 3rd generation, guided by his son Michel Cival Avellan, a young Mechanical Engineer following the footsteps of the two previous generations, including father as his main advisor and later, his younger brother Fernand Cival Avellan Jr., developed several companies also for industrial applications, this time under the umbrella of ”Group VR”

“Tecnotrack CA” was his first company, which in the following 27 years, grew to continue in 2006 the opening of operaions into the Mexican market.